Product Roadmapping Workshop


The client, a Singapore based digital marketing report automation startup, needed help with producing a 12 month product roadmap for its development activities. Due to the micro service architecture of its software, the team had little visibility over each-other's activity and needed someone with understanding of product management and facilitation to help them surface objectives and assumptions and design solutions that address the gap. We were asked to design an intervention that gathers inputs from all core team members, validates assumptions with external stakeholders and potential service providers, and presents a 12 month development plan based on the findings.   


Our approach was to organize a series of workshops involving the company's own development team and external service providers. The operating theory was that external providers could potentially be engaged as advisors if redevelopment of the core architecture is needed. The intervention culminated with a one day workshop where the findings from the first phase were summarized and all key internal stakeholders, were invited to provide inputs on prioritization and build the roadmap together. The objective behind this was to surface and address trade-offs and resource gaps, and to escalate commitment from both the engineering and commercial side of the business. 


The outcome of this process was a 12 months roadmap that outlined priorities, resource needs, risks, and research projects. Furthermore, the team had reached alignment between the various internal stakeholders for the time being, which led to management commitment for kicking-off a major re-architecture overhaul. Moreover, recruitment activities were started in order to fill the surfaced resource gaps.