Improving Customer Experience


The American Club of Singapore engaged Innovator SG to help improve customer experience & service levels at the Eagle’s Nest (EN), the club's main restaurant. The project was highly important as a major reconstruction project at the club was about to close the poolside restaurant, and traffic through EN was projected to increase. As member satisfaction was a strong predictor of revenue from the venue, we wanted to ensure that EN will effectively capture and monetize the traffic increase.


We  performed 360° Research, encompassing mystery shopping, customer surveys and interviews,  industry benchmarking,  staff interviews, and a time and motion study. The project culminated with an end-to-end Customer Experience Mapping exercise involving multiple stakeholders. Numerous ideas for improving the overall customer experience and perception of value were developed. Low hanging fruits were identified, and implementation plans were drafted.  


Our project engaged over 80 club members and more than 20 club employees. We also collected more than 10 time-and-motion records finding micro-optimization opportunities and a few benchmarks from relevant F&B venues. This led to identifying several root causes of lower customer satisfaction and customer experience breakdown. After the final workshop, we achieved alignment among the leadership team around early-win solutions to improve overall customer experience & service level. Less than 12 months later, we touch-based with the team to discover that complaints have reduced by over 75%, and spend per capita has increased.